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November 03, 2009


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Amazing! The power of printing by hand! Wish I could see the show. Love random collaboration like this. Cheers to all involved.

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Japanese lifestyle & culture from Kyoto
I would like to introduce the real Japanese life style and culture from Kyoto to the people living in Japan and different countries using this weblog. Even small things that have happened around me would help to describe our life in Japan. Please leave any comments when you visit my site because it could be very helpful for this weblog.

By Yasuyuki Kanaoka from Doshisha Business School
*Click any photos to make them bigger.


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We had a press conference for the launch of the new Global MBA at Doshisha Business School (DBS). The conference started with a speech by the President of Doshisha , the message from the Dean of DBS, and an introduction of the head of the Global MBA. This course is going to start from September of this year and 23 students from 17 countries have been chosen to enter as the first students of this Global MBA course.Finally, we had many questions from the reporters of paper.


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